His geographical situation
The village of Woignarue is located on coastal region of the English Channel in the West end of the department of Somme.
degree of latitude is 50°7' ONE
degree of longitude is from 1°30' OE
Region: Picardy
Department: Nap
District: Vimeu
The area of Woignarue is 1650 hectares.

The population is near 824 inhabitants in 2012.













Woignarue is linked, in the part is, in the West fringe of the set tipped up by (cretaceous) Vimeu. In the past, the set ended by a cliff which dominated the sea, today it is neither more, nor less than of a simple appellé " dead Cliff " slope, erosion is reason. The West part is as for her occupied by quaternary dépots constituting Hâble and low - fields of a close altitude in the mean sea level. The marsh which is a zone drained is separated from the sea only by a dam constituted by pebbles.


The soil of Woignarue dates the secondary epoch in the course of which forms the base of the chalk and of the quaternary epoch during which takes place the levy of this base by wind silts. In its part the soil is, is composed of a superficial layer of silts of the sets of age Pléitocène which recuperates the cretaceous substratum of the Cretaceous . The training in the sector of the low - fields characterises the stores of marine clogging (ancient schorres isolated from the marine environment by means of "Renclôtures"; these are sandy loam resting on "grey-blue boulants sands". The sector is edged on the West by an offshore bar composed of pebbles of flints and sands, built at the beginning of this century.





The dead cliff overhanging the low - fields